There is a new smithing community in the Columbia Basin: Columbia Fire & Iron

Check the CFI website for more information:

Incandescent Ironworks makes custom-designed, hand-forged architectural ironwork, ornamental ironwork and furnishings for homes, gardens and businesses.

Our objective is to give you the best possible materials, workmanship and service at an affordable price.

We offer introductory blacksmithing classes and focused classes several times through the year.

We also provide tools for the artist-blacksmith: Rhino(tm) anvils and the Blackbird(tm) series of hand and power hammer tools: touchmarks, anvil stakes, spring swages and fullers, punches, custom power hammer die sets, tool steel bars and rods, and more.

Contact: Steve McGrew 509-998-2465

This web site is still under construction, so it has a lot of gaps and probably a few mistakes. The shopping cart does not work yet. Indicated prices may be subject to change, so please contact us for a quote on the items you want.